Re-imagining the way we live and work.

Our vision

TransPod is a startup dedicated to bringing the hyperloop to reality. Our vision is a world in which people, cities, and businesses are connected with high-speed transportation that is affordable and environmentally sustainable.

We're building hyperloop for both the passenger and cargo transportation markets, with a focus on countries that have aging infrastructure, high-density populations, and a need for transportation innovation. TransPod's target market is the one-trillion-plus dollar global transportation sector with a first major project in Canada to connect metropolitan areas such as Toronto-Montreal.

On a mission to accelerate transportation

TransPod takes a physics-first and engineering-first approach to designing and building hyperloop. We're not using pre-existing concepts, and we're not crowdsourcing ideas and trying to make them fit together. We're developing the entire hyperloop system and infrastructure from the ground up. Everything is designed to work together seamlessly.

Global environmental impact

TransPod's hyperloop eliminates the huge fuel requirements and carbon emissions of jet travel. TransPod's technology is powered by renewable energies including self-sustainable solar power with no carbon emissions. Environmental benefits occur by drawing people out of cars, planes, and other fossil fuel-dependent vehicles.

Backed up by industrial collaborators with a global reach

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TransPod Offices

Toronto, Canada

TransPod Inc

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Bari, Italy

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