Hyperloop Technology

It's about more than transportation. It's about quality of life and good business.

Passenger transportation

Overpopulated urban centres. Unaffordable housing. Long commutes. These are some of our biggest challenges today. With hyperloop, you could live six hours away from work and still get home in 45 minutes, just in time for dinner.

TransPod interior economy class

Cargo shipments

Whether you work for a large company or are a small-business owner, you will no longer be at the mercy of high delivery costs, slow transport and weather delays. With hyperloop, you can ship cargo at high speeds and affordable rates.

TransPod cargo shipments

Smart infrastructure

TransPod's infrastructure proposes a more efficient and environmentally friendly system for managing, among other things, traffic control, real-time sensing for pressure and temperature control, and energy. TransPod's crucial technological ingredients include state-of-the-art sensors and clever software for analytics and visualization, as well as computing firepower.

TransPod Hyperloop University of Toronto smart infrastructure